Well hello there, you seem to have stumbled upon my blog. Anyway I guess I should give you a heads up to what will be posted on here. Well that's a ton of different things, from 'fandom' posts, photography, art, text-posts and whatever 'suits my fancy' I so pose....

Fandoms i'm in?
Sherlock, HinaBn, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Merlin, Being Human, RotG, Game of Thrones, Welcome to Night Vale, Pacific Rim, Hannibal, Criminal Minds, and yeah probably more...

Anyway I'll quit this rambling on, and just end by saying thanks~
Nothing Of Great Importance
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(by Mirko Fikentscher)

(by John Watson)

Great Mountain Lake Sundown by  Robin B. Powell on 500px.com
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